Who is Bad Playdate?
Bad Playdate is a mom to two kids. She’s worked at a major NYC tabloid newspaper and celebrity gossip magazines. She likes to call herself a playdate expert and would love to help you critique your playdates. Do you have a bad playdate story to share with the world? You will be anonymous, I promise. Come on, get it off your chest and email me! I’m here to help!

You can contact me here: badplaydate@gmail.com. I’m excited to talk with you!

There are plenty of educational parenting sites out there. This isn’t one of them. It’s for the moms and dads in the back of the class, goofing off, throwing paper airplanes. You know who you are.

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9 thoughts on “About Bad Playdate

  1. So, I’m new to the “playdate” scene and, apparently, really clueless about this whole thing. My son is 18 months old and I’m guessing that’s either too young for playdates yet as I’ve never felt the urge to have one, or this a stay-at-home parent thing? From what I can tell, they’re like blind dates for people who have kids of the same age? Or maybe it’s for parents who have no friends with kids so they have to find random strangers to hang out with so they can talk about their kids while their kids play together?

    The idea of a playdate reminds me of a boyfriend I had once who would schedule double dates with his friends and their annoying/uninteresting girlfriends. I think the assumption was, “you’re both female – you’ll get along.” I guess I don’t want to do that to my kid, “you’re both boys, don’t you want to play with this random other kid you don’t know?” and I don’t want him to do that to me, “you’re both moms…”

    So… am I missing a big piece of this picture? Why do people have to have “playdates”? I meet other parents at the playground and chat while the kids play, and I have friends with kids and we get together. Is that a playdate?

  2. Hi Teresa,
    That can be a playdate, yes. Thing is, those moms you just start chatting with at the playground might ask you out, so be ready for that. That will be a true playdate. Also, as your child gets older he/she will start to make his/her own friends at school and classes and you will be contacted by the parents of those new friends. They’ll want to start scheduling playdates and that’s when the fun begins. Your child is still young, you have many years of scheduled playdates to look forward to. Stay with this blog though so you can be as prepared as possible. Thanks for writing! –Bad Playdate


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