I was in a mommy & me type class a year ago. The class was a few towns away in a church. The moms were always dressed up in expensive clothes for class, which I always thought was crazy. These women were living large. I didn’t fit in. My kid was always wearing comfortable, clean clothes, nothing special. Their kids had on super fancy clothes. I mean, these kids looked like they were going to an office. I’m just trying to set the tone here.

There was a woman who was nice and our kids played well in class, but I lost touch with her after not registering again, but she had my number. I got a text from her a few days ago asking if I wanted to go over to her place for a play date.

We went yesterday. Her house was gigantic. Her nanny was working. Her housekeeper was there too. This mom had 3 other kids, 2 boys and 2 girls, all under the age of 5. We were all in the playroom in the basement.

That’s when the trouble started. Her kids started playing a game. They said: Let’s play poor. They told my kids they were going to be the poor kids and said they were rich. They were telling my kids things like this: “Hey, poor kid, bring me my sneakers”. Then the older sister said “Hey, poor boy, you’re not taking a vacation next week?”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I looked at the mom and she laughed. I usually mind my own business and believe me, I have been known to be politically incorrect, but this was awful. I told her this game they were playing wasn’t very nice. She told me they play it all the time & her kids just know about the reality of things. That’s when I told her we were going to get going.

So that’s my report from out in the field. Of terrible people.

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15 thoughts on “I was shocked when 4 kids told my kids to play a game called “Poor” with them

  1. This is so awful, I wish it was a bad joke. How is this acceptable. How can a parent laugh it off and say the kids are aware of the reality out there. I say, quite the opposite. Unreal!

  2. I’m wondering if thats good intention gone bad, or just poorly excuted. I do my best to try to teach my kids about poverty and poor kids around the world and to be thankful. I think something went terribly wrong in that household with that lesson.

  3. Wow…It is a shame your kids didn’t push the lines a little. It would have been kind of fun if they would have made the “rich people” pay taxes or hand over their snack as “welfare’… Either way that is just plain ignorant. That mom is a piece, she will wonder why her kids have no friends and get their a$$ kicked on the playground

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