Yesterday afternoon I had a playdate with a neighborhood mom. She’s thin. I mean really thin and super fit. Every time I see her she’s wearing workout clothes. I think she’s just always working out. That’s cool, I mean, to have 4 kids and be able to find time to work out is awesome. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you that she has a full time nanny, but she’s a stay at home mom. It’s all good.

So I saw her at the grocery store 2 days ago and she was peppy and wearing one of her many Lululemon outfits. She was zipping around the store and we ran into each other in the cracker aisle. She asked me to come over for a playdate and I accepted.

That’s when the freak show started.

Our kids played well together, but her daughter was eating, I mean, constantly eating. She was feeding her snack after snack, then an ice cream sandwich, then juice. The kid is overweight so I was shocked. The mom was on her like nobody’s business. She sat with us at the kitchen table while we talked; she was the only kid snacking. The others were off with my kids and her nanny.

She couldn’t take her eyes off of her daughter’s snacks; she wouldn’t stop offering her more. She sipped mint tea with maple syrup throughout the playdate. I had some too and it was delicious.

I’m not sure what was going on here, but it sure was interesting and disturbing. I guess this is one way of looking good after having 4 kids. Having your daughter eat for you.


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14 thoughts on “I had a playdate with a super thin mom who loves to watch her kid eat

  1. its hard to be a full time mommy when your full time job is working out and staying fit. I know of a fitness center where its full of people like that :( Don’t ask me how I know this.lol

  2. I have an over-eating addiction and the sound of someone eating is actually calming to me and will keep my from eating. Maybe the sounds of her daughter eating help her get her fill without actually having to eat.

  3. Poor woman sounds like a severe anorexic. Feeding other people without partaking is a classic anorexia behavior. Kind of sad yes, but setting up the kid for a lifetime of obesity and inadequacy issues is just messed up.

  4. I think people who don’t eat (i.e. have an eating disorder) become pushers. That is so sad that this woman is pushing her food issues onto her kid. On the other hand, while it is disturbing, it’s also fascinating!

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